MapleLMS - HubSpot Integration

Hubspot LMS Integration to Deliver Engaging and Strategic Training Courses for Your Customers

Hubspot is one of the easy-to-use CRMs that becomes more effective when integrated with MapleLMS by making the training courses for customers more understandable, engaging, and knowledgeable. By integrating MapleLMS with Hubspot CRM, this unified platform becomes a perfect learning environment for your customers while offering all the benefits of Hubspot. This with our best cloud-based LMS makes it beneficial for the infinite possibilities ahead.

Let’s now examine the main findings from the integration of MapleLMS and Hubspot:

Automated Onboarding of Users

The onboarding process of the learners (employees and members) is automated after Hubspot LMS integration. Hubspot sends the learner IDs to MapleLMS after their creation immediately where they are automatically granted access to the LMS training content. Users are also provided with appropriate recommendations for their learning paths and auto-enrolled into role-based training programs.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Hubspot MapleLMS integration helps assign the customers to the training courses that are relevant to them. Every month, new courses in the areas of software, sales and service, HR compliance, leadership and management, information technology, and workplace safety (including Occupational Safety and Health Administration; OSHA) are added to BizLibrary within MapleLMS. The course materials can be customized to fit your individual needs, and they are updated frequently. It helps to ensure that your members and staff are informed about the most recent compliance training.

Automated Onboarding of Users
Receive Real-Time Analytics

Receive Real-Time Analytics

Get a complete analysis of the learners’ progress by aligning your learning data with your learners’ Hubspot profiles, you can obtain thorough insights into your data. Present the LMS data to your stakeholders on the Hubspot dashboard for updated LMS analytics.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Hubspot users can easily access the LMS training materials without logging in. The employee, member, or partner data is automatically synchronized with the LMS to provide two-way synchronized data. Hubspot training and systems are no longer isolated. Centralized training data is easily accessible!

Hubspot LMS Integration for Compliance with LMS Audits

The integration of Hubspot CRM and MapleLMS allows you to stay in compliance with your system’s audit requirements. Integration is essential for audit prospects because it imports every relevant partner, customer, and employee data from Hubspot into the LMS.

Simplified Training

It is essential to provide product and service training to your partners, clients, staff, and members. By streamlining the training process and enabling you to track users’ learning progress, certifications obtained, compliance met, and more, the LMS Hubspot integration aids in the planning of future training programs.

LMS Integration for Compliance with LMS
eCommerce-capable Solutions

eCommerce-enabled Solutions

It is essential to provide product and service training to your partners, clients, staff, and members. By streamlining the training process and enabling you to track users’ learning progress, certifications obtained, compliance met, and more, the LMS Hubspot integration aids in the planning of future training programs.

Getting Credits for Continued Education (CEUs)

Learners can update their Hubspot LMS profile after earning CEUs. The points, badges, and certificates that the learners have obtained are displayed on their profiles. Data and analytics can be used to customize the learning process.

Social Learning for All

Social learning makes it easier for learners (employees or members) to share knowledge and work together on projects by introducing them to new channels. These channels include social media, communities, Slack, community groups, polls, surveys, chats, and emails. It encourages dialogue among peers and between learners and instructors.

Automatic User Creation for Enrollment in Courses

Lessen the chance of duplicate data because users (who are usually members) are created automatically when they sign up for a course. Information from the LMS and Hubspot systems is synchronized.

Case Management That Works

Representatives stay informed about the latest developments in the procedures when they finish the required training whenever it suits them. Hubspot can now close deals and resolve customer issues faster due to stage-wise training programs that are integrated with the LMS. Support teams make use of the LMS training offered by knowledgeable manuals to self-support and handle issues.

Social Learning for All
HubSpot Integration with LMS infographics

Features of Hubspot and MapleLMS Integration Specifically for You!

AI-Recommended Training Programs

The Hubspot and LMS integration uses AI to recommend training courses to users based on their roles, interests, and preferred methods of learning. Product-tied training for Hubspot suggests appropriate courses that users can enroll in independently to handle problems independently and close cases.

Use the Hubspot Dashboard to access LMS Reports.

Managing LMS analytics and reports across two distinct systems can be challenging. The LMS integration with Hubspot is used to pull in all of the reports, and the analytics are displayed directly on the Hubspot dashboard. Stakeholders do not need to sign in to the LMS!

One and Only Source of Truth

All of the learning data is synchronized between Hubspot and MapleLMS due to their integration. The mapping of personal information, like name and address, to learning credits, progress, certifications, badges, and enrolled courses, offers a consolidated and transparent view.

Fully-owned Course Library

The learners can access more than 10,000 pre-made courses directly within the Hubspot LMS integrated system by using MapleLMS. These courses are suitable for compliance training as well as HR, sales, support, IT, and software training to enhance your workforce and member base.

Microsites for Personalized Learning

Staff and members of your association can access personalized learning via microsites that are accessed through Hubspot. These microsites can be branded with a theme, logo, and content unique to the area, division, roster, or community that users belong to in order to foster a sense of community and belonging.

LMS Reporting on the Hubspot Dashboard

The Hubspot LMS integration allows LMS reports to be added to the Hubspot dashboard. Stakeholders can access aggregated reports on the Hubspot dashboard without logging into the LMS. Since user learning and progression data can be accessed transparently and clearly with just one login, Hubspot is the only source of truth.


Hubspot LMS integration triggers personalized learning journeys based on the lead's lifecycle stage and interests, nurturing them with relevant content and building trust.
Absolutely! Automate role-based training assignments, track progress, and ensure new hires are quickly equipped for success, improving retention.
You can track key metrics like lead conversion rates, sales cycle length, customer satisfaction, and training completion rates to demonstrate their impact on business goals.
Our LMS solutions will have robust security protocols, data encryption, and clear user access controls to protect sensitive information. Hubspot and MapleLMS integration is completely safe and secure.
Yes! MapleLMS's deep integration allows for triggering automated actions in Workflows and capturing learner data through custom Forms, streamlining processes.
You can leverage dynamic content and learning paths tailored to individual lead scores, contact information, and past engagement with marketing materials with MapleLMS Hubspot integration.
MapleLMS’s integration with Hubspot offers advanced features like:
  • Bi-directional data sync between Hubspot and LMS for real-time updates.
  • Pre-built content libraries aligned with Hubspot marketing campaigns.
  • Gamified learning experiences to boost learner engagement.