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World Tour London 2024 - MapleLMS

Come Meet Us at Salesforce World Tour London 2024

We’re thrilled to be taking part in the upcoming Salesforce World Tour London 2024 event on June 6 to discover in how many ways you could grow your business with the help of AI technology. Learn about our Salesforce-integrated AI-based SaaS LMS to enhance your Salesforce team performance and receive great insights.

This remarkable event will witness many latest product innovations and assist Salesforce customers in understanding the effect of AI on various industries. As the highest-rated (5-star) Salesforce LMS on AppExchange, MapleLMS offers a customized LMS to varied sectors including the public sector, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

Meet our leadership team, Mr. Damnish Kumar (Salesforce Expert, MapleLMS) and Pramil Verma (LMS Expert, MapleLMS) at Booth #223 to discuss your organization’s learning and training needs.

The Salesforce LMS use cases are as follows:
Training for clients, vendors, associates, and members
Employee performance monitoring and training for gig workers and remote workers
Training via context-based online courses for sales and support staff
LMS reports are available for viewing on the Salesforce Dashboard.

Join Our LMS experts at the Salesforce World Tour London 2024!

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