An integrated association LMS earns non-dues revenue beyond just membership

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Increasing demand to educate and empower association stakeholders for their knowledge and career growth – associations have ventured into online learning management systems (LMS). Continuing online learning is one of the most loved aspects of LMS, as it engages your association members and encourages them to achieve their learning goals. Apart from that, these integrated LMS allow associations to deliver continuing education through events, conferences, instructor-led training, establish professional relationships with colleagues and external peers, etc. Well, for offering all these benefits to association members and external learners, associations need to have more avenues for revenue generation beyond membership fees. Non-dues revenue for association seems the most sought-after answer to this issue.

How integrated LMS helps in non-dues revenue generation?
1. Find non-dues revenue sources for your association LMS:
  • Sponsorships: Sponsors pay for events, exhibitions, and courses that members and non-members register to attend. While the event costs are borne by the sponsors, your association can earn from the registrations and subscriptions.
  • Website Advertising and Directory Listing:You can use a portion of your website to advertise the sponsors or vendors where the revenue earned is completely yours.
2. Social Learning or Live Event Hosting:

You can host virtual conferences, exhibitions, and live learning events to gather your members and nonmembers to help them communicate and exchange knowledge – enhancing learner engagement. Ticket sales, registrations, subscriptions, branded merchandise, related services, and products for events, bringing more revenue generation opportunities. An AMS integrated LMS helps you cut costs and save time through its automated event management features.

  • Merchandise Selling and Event Registration:Sell branded merchandise to participants for generating revenue along with event registration. You can sell them bundled with registration or as individual products. You can also sell other services and products that your association deals with. AMS integration allows you to spread the word with automated calendar invites, and web-page creation features.
  • Live Learning EventsThough you host events online, make sure to offer the content in offline mode as well. You can promote your offline courses with discounted prices to increase the sales that would add up to the total revenue.
  • Social LearningEncourage learners to participate in live chats, forums, discussion boards, messages, Q&A sessions to increase engagement. There you can share courses and training they might find useful for a specific set of issues. It can contribute to your revenue sources.
3. AMS Recommended Courses for Continuing Learning:

Offer an intuitive platform for your members/non-members to continue their learning through an integrated LMS and AMS ecosystem. They can use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in through the AMS or LMS to access the courses, purchase new courses, and continue learning without having to bother about switching platforms. The LMS can pull member information from the AMS to suggest appropriate courses.

  • Role-based Automated Course Recommendation:

    An AMS integrated LMS will help you recommend courses personalized according to the learners’ role, course progress, learning history, etc. automatically. This creates a sense of being valued and helps the learners stay loyal to your association for further course buying, certifications, accreditations, or purchase memberships (in case of non-members).

  • Track Learning Progress:

    Modern LMS are equipped with AI and can be used to track the learning progress of the learners and suggest courses right for their job role, depending on their industry of work and course completion history. And, update learners about upcoming courses.

4. In-built eCommerce:

With an eCommerce module, your LMS is equipped to sell a lot more than just memberships to earn extra income for your association. An AMS integrated LMS makes it easier for members and non-members to buy merchandise, products, and courses for continuing education.

  • Separate Prices for Members and Non-members:

    The AMS can regulate the prices for members and non-members for the eCommerce platform. While members get coupons and discounts to avail merchandise and courses at a lower price, non-members often pay in full. This might encourage non-members to get a membership and bring more money.

  • Gifts and Donations:

    Enable gifting options as well, so that when you ask for online donations – people get to know where exactly the gift or donation is going.

We believe that – you are all set to bring in more revenue through LMS for your association! This is possible when you opt for the right association LMS – empowered with a set of robust solutions to take on every challenge thrown your way. An AMS and Salesforce integrated LMS are all that you need throughout the journey. And, MapleLMS comes as your knight in shining armor with Salesforce, Fonteva integration, and much more to sky-rocket your association’s revenue stream.


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